This forge contains various free software projects I’m working on.

Feel free to do whatever you want with them.

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poezio: Poezio 0.8.1
Release of poezio 0.8.1
Added by mathieui about 1 month ago

poezio: Poezio 0.8 released
Added by mathieui 2 months ago

poezio: Poezio released
Added by mathieui almost 2 years ago

poezio: Poezio 0.7.5 released
Added by mathieui almost 2 years ago

poezio: Poezio 0.7.2 released
Added by mathieui over 2 years ago

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Latest projects

  • litesql (25 June 2013 13:21)

    A personal, non-official “fork” of litesql.

    Upstream seems dead for ~2 years now. The goal of this repository is to fix some issues that I encountered (and maybe some other bugs or implement new features that would be needed in batajelo, later), and try to maintain it in a usable and distributable way, for c++11....

  • bildoj (15 June 2013 16:14)

    A simple web application to upload and view images, in python3, using the Flask framework.

    Mostly a clone of http://pix.toile-libre.org/ but not in PHP, because PHP sucks.

  • slixmpp (15 May 2013 10:59)

    Slixmpp is a python 3 XMPP library.
    It is a (friendly) fork of SleekXMPP (https://github.com/fritzy/SleekXMPP), and its goal is to “improve” the core of the library (the way it reads or writes on the sockets, the way it handles timed events, the way it queues events, etc) by entirely removing all threads from the library and using an event-based approach instead....

  • poezio website (09 May 2013 22:33)

    Just the static website for http://poez.io

  • biboumi (18 April 2013 17:27)

    Biboumi is an XMPP <-> IRC gateway that (should) just work.
    It is developped in C++11, with as few library dependency possible.
    Its features/goals:

    - Properly follow the IRC rfc and the XEP 45
    - The connection to the server should be verbose. For example when the gateway is connecting to the server, we should have some message somewhere to see that....