This forge contains all my software projects. Everything is free software.

You may also find some of these softwares on other platforms (github, gitorious, bitbucket…), but for mirror-purpose only. The preferred way to contribute, to report a bug or to communicate with me is through this forge, not those other platforms. For example, please avoid making pull-requests on github as I may not notice them. You can however host your git clone on github and use the “git request-pull” command, or you can simply use “git format-patch” to send me patch. Send me the result in a bug tracker ticket on this forge (you can create a ticket without an account), or by e-mail.

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poezio: Poezio 0.8.1
Release of poezio 0.8.1
Added by mathieui 12 months ago

poezio: Poezio 0.8 released
Added by mathieui about 1 year ago

poezio: Poezio released
Added by mathieui over 2 years ago

poezio: Poezio 0.7.5 released
Added by mathieui almost 3 years ago

poezio: Poezio 0.7.2 released
Added by mathieui over 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • louloulibs (27 February 2015 11:54)

    Some little static libs that are used by more than one of my projects.

    Projects currently using louloulibs:
    - biboumi
    - vaporo

  • vaporo (27 February 2015 04:20)

    XMPP <-> steam gateway

  • plzimg (01 September 2014 05:41)

    A simple web application to upload and view images, in python3, using the Flask framework.

    Does not, and probably won’t ever, provide user login, search, tags, etc.

    When an image is uploaded, it creates two thumbnails, a small one and a medium one.

  • litesql (25 June 2013 13:21)

    A personal, non-official “fork” of litesql.

    Upstream seems dead for ~2 years now. The goal of this repository is to fix some issues that I encountered (and maybe some other bugs or implement new features that would be needed in batajelo, later), and try to maintain it in a usable and distributable way, for c++11....

  • slixmpp (15 May 2013 10:59)

    Slixmpp is a python 3 XMPP library.
    It is a (friendly) fork of SleekXMPP (https://github.com/fritzy/SleekXMPP), and its goal is to “improve” the core of the library (the way it reads or writes on the sockets, the way it handles timed events, the way it queues events, etc) by entirely removing all threads from the library and using an event-based approach instead....