This forge contains all my software projects. Everything is free software.

You may also find some of these softwares on other platforms (github, gitorious, bitbucket…), but for mirror-purpose only. The preferred way to contribute, to report a bug or to communicate with me is through this forge, not those other platforms. For example, please avoid making pull-requests on github as I may not notice them. You can however host your git clone on github and use the “git request-pull” command, or you can simply use “git format-patch” to send me patches. Send me the result in a bug tracker ticket on this forge (you can create a ticket without an account), or by e-mail.

Latest news

poezio: Poezio 0.10
Added by mathieui almost 2 years ago

poezio: Poezio 0.9
Added by mathieui about 3 years ago

poezio: Poezio 0.8.1
Release of poezio 0.8.1
Added by mathieui over 4 years ago

poezio: Poezio 0.8 released
Added by mathieui over 4 years ago

poezio: Poezio released
Added by mathieui about 6 years ago

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