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# Project Subject Status Updated
3399poezioFix OTRNew2018-07-03 11:03
3367poezioDon't wipe roster on disconnect when using SM and resumingConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3299poezio/message <muc-jid> creates a buggy uncloseable tabResolved2017-03-26 01:00
3295poezioGPG plugin errorConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3243poeziofilter_info_messages sucksResolved2016-12-26 14:38
3141poezioRandom freezesClosed2017-10-08 20:02
3093slixmppComponents do not workResolved2015-07-21 23:34
3080poezioShow roster names in roster presence notificationsResolved2015-06-18 21:13
3044slixmppmake xep_0047 asyncio-friendlyResolved2015-04-19 20:55
3028biboumiAdd an ad-hoc command to set the irc “user” parameterResolved2015-09-23 18:48
3027slixmppLet the user supply an event loop and use the same one every time after thatResolved2016-09-30 21:31
3024slixmppFix the documentationNew2016-09-30 21:27
2946biboumiChange IRC modes when the user sends an XMPP iq to change some role or affiliationResolved2015-01-24 17:33
2481poezio./ build_ext does not build with python 3.4Resolved2014-03-20 21:30
2478poezioAdd e2e encryption logic inside poezioAssigned2014-03-07 23:06
2448poezioThe OTR plugin lacks SMPResolved2014-12-30 22:55
2447poezioThe OTR plugin should be clever about HTMLResolved2014-12-08 17:37
2354poezioLog are badly colored sometimesResolved2014-04-07 19:27
2353poezioAuto-reconnect sucksResolved2015-07-28 21:43
2334poezioformatting sequences are taken into account to position the cursor in the inputResolved2013-07-31 23:58
2329poezioDisplay the info buffer in the MucListTabResolved2013-06-30 19:39
2327poeziodon’t include chatrooms in the rosterResolved2013-06-24 23:26
2318poezioFix 0308 when the message ids are modified by the serviceClosed2013-08-01 01:07
2317poezio/join completion is brokenResolved2013-08-02 22:03
2307poezioFix the command history in the CommandInputResolved2013-05-16 16:10
2294poezioFix /w priorityResolved2013-06-22 20:04
2275poezioDelayed messages in direct conversations are not logged.Resolved2013-03-31 16:36
2265poezioDisplay bug in ConversationTabs and PrivateTabsResolved2013-03-13 22:51
2237RuĝamiaFetch git commits on demandNew2013-03-07 14:50
2231poezioUpdate the plugins to use the new help systemResolved2013-03-01 19:27
2168poezioImporting plugins do not work with python 3.2Resolved2013-01-03 10:29
2167poezioDo something about python 3.1Resolved2013-01-03 09:34
2123poezioMoving tabsResolved2013-01-03 09:55
2089poezioXHTML-IM messages without text are not even displayedResolved2012-02-07 19:27
2065poezioMake contact management work properlyRejected2011-12-01 18:36
2030poezioTB on /removeResolved2011-10-07 20:25
2019poezioXEP-0027Resolved2011-09-22 23:07
2004poezioImprove bookmark managementResolved2015-02-09 22:37
1969poezioResize sucks.Resolved2011-05-24 13:23
1940poezioResize sometime fails.Rejected2011-05-04 17:58
1938poezio/recolor is brokenResolved2011-05-04 17:34
1937poezioXHTML-IM BROKE MY POEZIORejected2011-05-04 01:15
1936poezioAnonymous is brokenResolved2011-05-04 01:04
1912poezioImprove the rosterResolved2011-01-30 17:41
1911poezioCrash when the info buffer is higher than the windowResolved2011-01-26 17:46
1904poezioFreeze with ^S on the rosterRejected2011-01-19 14:04
1901poezioImprove the muc listResolved2011-01-15 19:19
1894poezioCrash on startResolved2010-12-29 18:47
1868poezioJID is shown in private MUC messagesResolved2010-11-15 13:53
1867poezioTraceBack when quitting with gmailResolved2010-11-09 02:19
1865poezioDisplay bugs in roster conversationsRejected2010-11-04 00:26
1862poezioNothing related to the topic worksRejected2010-11-01 23:41
1861poezioSplit screenConfirmed2013-01-03 09:59
1859poezioCan't run poezioResolved2010-10-21 00:07
1857poezioC-M WHATEVER sends malformed stanzasResolved2010-10-17 17:41
1856poezioCan't join password-protected roomsResolved2010-10-17 17:16
1853poezio/me in a private conversationResolved2010-10-11 23:36
1851poezioOne color per nick while possibleRejected2010-10-05 23:12
1850poezioDays managementResolved2010-10-05 22:42
1849poezioA shortcut to browse the participant listResolved2010-10-05 22:24
1829poezioThe current message is erased when I go up in the historyRejected2010-09-20 01:00
1828poezioHave some kind of "draft" featureResolved2010-09-20 00:56
1827poezioDo not repeat messages in the historyResolved2010-09-20 00:47
1822poezioCrash on Alt + FXResolved2010-09-11 00:11
1821poezioNo theme on tmuxResolved2010-09-11 00:05
1813poezioBug if I do ←↓←↑Resolved2010-09-03 20:15
1812poezioBOOMRejected2010-09-01 23:56
1807poezioDoesn't runResolved2010-08-22 16:47
1806poezioGive a fixed color to a nickResolved2015-02-09 23:13
1805poezioNeed a command-line help & other thingsRejected2010-08-19 16:56
1804poezioThe room history doesn't show the daysResolved2010-08-19 16:49
1801poezioA personal dictionary with auto-completionResolved2010-08-15 18:33
1800poezioCrash when pasting some textResolved2013-01-09 05:36
1792poezioSeveral servers in the config fileRejected2013-06-04 13:10
1788poezioDon't show our own messages as new messagesResolved2010-07-27 13:25
1787poezioThe headline has a random black space at its endResolved2010-07-26 02:46
1786poezioFix the number of the tabsRejected2010-07-26 02:30
1785poezioDo not report HLs in the room historyResolved2010-07-26 02:15
1783poezioDisplay the time of the message only onceResolved2010-07-26 01:59
1762poezioNeed a /sayResolved2010-07-05 10:27
1746poezioAspell supportConfirmed2013-01-03 09:59
1745poezio/query should be able to take a JID as a parameterRejected2010-06-20 12:21
1744poezio/unquery is lackingResolved2010-06-20 02:14
1743poezio/help in private conversations is buggyResolved2012-12-31 05:05
1742poezioRemote controlResolved2014-12-08 17:50
1741poezioCommands autocompletionResolved2010-06-20 01:49
1740poezioDefault server for joining MUCsResolved2010-06-20 01:21
1739poezio/query should allow a message as an optional parameterResolved2010-06-20 01:15
1738poezioPersonal aliasesResolved2013-01-03 09:52
1737poezioRun a system commandResolved2010-06-19 17:06
1735poezioThe logs are in the wrong placeResolved2010-06-19 15:21
1703poeziocouleurs personnalisablesRejected2010-02-14 14:36
1702poeziotrop de HLRejected2010-02-14 14:24
1701poezio/me supportResolved2010-02-14 14:19
1691poezioPas de reconnexion possibleResolved2010-02-02 21:06
1690poezioListe des salons rejoints Resolved2010-02-02 20:08
1689poeziocommande /setResolved2010-02-02 20:02
1677poezioBug de l'historiqueResolved2010-01-31 02:04
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