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3304poezioImplement bracketed paste mode, instead of the timer hackAssigned2017-03-31 11:42
3183biboumiProvide a --help optionResolved2016-07-31 18:17
3180biboumiBotan invalid UTF-8 exception with 1.11.29New2016-03-26 01:00
3175biboumiWith fixed_irc_server set, the Server ad-hoc command list is not completeResolved2016-04-27 11:04
3171biboumiHave a way to retrieve the connection information to a serverNew2016-02-17 16:53
3140poezioNotify the user when a message (to a contact supporting xep 0184) has not been delivered after X secondsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3137biboumiSeparate the DNS resolution logic from the TCP communication logicResolved2015-10-15 04:33
3136biboumiAn option to deduce realname and username from the user’s JIDResolved2015-10-12 17:44
3135biboumisupport the WebIRC protocolResolved2015-10-31 06:20
3125biboumiAdd an IRC-server ad-hoc command to specify a TLS certificate hash to trustResolved2016-01-20 11:37
3107RuĝamiaRemove the dependency on zmqResolved2015-07-27 04:00
3083biboumiSend a proper error message when the connection to the IRC host fails due to failure of hostname resolving using c-aresResolved2015-07-09 15:35
3069biboumiSupport the #traffic node in disco infoResolved2016-10-04 10:34
3068biboumiSupport PASS commandResolved2015-09-18 22:10
3066biboumiRemove support for the “!” separator to address IRC usersResolved2016-08-10 15:54
3057biboumiUse sd_journal_send, if compiled with systemd support, instead of writting raw strings on stdoutRejected2015-11-30 21:24
3054biboumiUse ICU to deal with encoding and other utf-8-related thingsNew2015-05-05 03:48
3053poezioArchive browserConfirmed2015-05-04 15:48
3052poezio“infinite” scroll on MucTabs using MAMNew2015-07-28 21:49
3047biboumiDecode and encode JIDs according to XEP 0106Resolved2015-04-21 02:57
3045biboumiReturn an error when a message can not be delivered to a roomResolved2015-05-11 04:50
3042biboumiThe try of the next port listed (6697 then 6667 for example) seems brokenResolved2015-05-07 17:43
3041biboumifrom and to mismatch on pingResolved2015-05-11 05:32
3035poezio/set without argument should display the list of all config valuesResolved2015-04-12 18:25
3033vaporoDisplay the game each contact is playing using XEP 0196New2015-03-04 06:24
3032vaporoHandle game invitesNew2015-03-04 06:23
3031vaporoProperly deal with the sentry, the authcode and the passwordNew2015-03-04 06:07
3030vaporoHandle roster groups properlyNew2015-03-03 23:26
3026biboumiAdd a configure add-hoc command on biboumi's JIDNew2015-02-24 16:30
3025biboumiTry every address returned by the DNS resolverNew2015-02-22 17:41
2956biboumi/parting from all channels of an IRC server sometimes doesn't disconnect us from itNew2015-02-02 03:08
2948biboumiImplement Result Set ManagementConfirmed2016-06-14 00:12
2947biboumiHandle command 499Rejected2015-05-19 06:31
2886biboumiSend a presence error from the room, when receiving IRC commands 467 to 475New2015-01-14 01:51
2884biboumiHandle unknown IRC commands we receive by just sending the raw arguments to the user, from the IRC server JIDResolved2015-05-07 17:18
2883biboumiHandle command 333: informations about the topic (who set it, and when)New2015-01-13 04:42
2882biboumiNotices from user to which the user sent a message should be forwarded with their own from="user!…" valueResolved2015-01-12 22:54
2844poezioInput is ignored when a lot of data is received from the server at once.Resolved2015-01-17 19:39
2775poezioVersion on oneself is still brokenResolved2018-03-14 17:39
2774biboumiSupport WALLOPS commandNew2014-11-19 07:49
2757biboumiSupport PING (XMPP-side)Resolved2014-11-12 08:23
2719poezio/set should be able to set a plugin option even if the module is not loadedResolved2014-12-08 20:58
2715biboumiIRC RECEIVING and IRC SENDING log messages should include the hostname of the concerned IRC serverResolved2015-02-25 16:38
2700biboumibufferise the logs, and only write to the output when it is writableNew2014-10-16 18:41
2699biboumiDon't ignore empty-topic changesRejected2014-10-16 10:58
2697biboumiTopic changes should include the author of the change if availableNew2014-10-15 18:46
2696poeziotraceback on /set completionResolved2014-12-09 18:36
2695biboumiSend a NICK command when joining a room with a different nickRejected2015-11-30 21:30
2694biboumiCrappy servers may assign invalid JIDs for user addressesResolved2015-05-13 20:18
2693plzimgUse PulploadNew2014-10-08 15:16
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