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3369poezioRemove contextualized commands (between different tabs) and make everything usable everywhereConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3368poezioDon't fill the screen with stacktraces when disk is fullConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3367poezioDon't wipe roster on disconnect when using SM and resumingConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3364poezioPending subscriptions are added to roster treeConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3363poezioDifferent roster colors for pending/no subscription elementsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3362slixmppUnable to receive PresenceNew2017-12-20 10:37
3359poezioRemove subscription-pending JIDs from tab-completion on roster pushConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3358poezioautocomplete /unblockConfirmed2018-02-02 14:13
3356poezioAlso request avatars for people in MUCsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3355poezioDon’t send an unavailable presence before a joinConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3353poezioSoft Hyphen renders incorrectlyConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3351poezioRemember last message's tab completion for next tab completionNew2017-11-13 20:34
3350poezio/rawxml command does not allow sending of multiple stanzasNew2017-11-13 20:34
3346poezio/block from message tabsConfirmed2017-11-13 20:35
3344poezioSend inactive when we are scrolled up, and only send active once we see the bottom of the bufferConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3343poezioHighlight the Info window on inviteConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3342poezio/correct does not work on messages sent via /code pluginConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3341poezioUse pygments to render <code/> in incoming XHTML-IMNew2017-10-14 22:09
3337poezioAllow to continue Tab completion after other input activityConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3335poezioxml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError: XML or text declaration not at start of entityConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3333poezioMentions in MUC with <delay> are not highlightedConfirmed2017-10-07 00:32
3327poezioResult list of `/list` should be smarter about possible actionsConfirmed2017-10-07 00:04
3326poezioNo ACKs requested from a just-added contactConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3324poezioTraceback when carbon message is receivedNew2017-06-20 12:43
3320poezioSend <nick/> again when the recipieng disconnected/reconnected.Confirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3315poezioRefresh chatstate display when contact goes offline in private tabConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3314poezioImmediately display outgoing MUC message, update on reflectionNew2017-10-08 19:51
3310prosodydczgwy1dNew2017-04-13 09:49
3309poezioFeature request: Warn before sending message to DND contactNew2017-04-09 21:25
3305poezioAudio/Video supportNew2017-04-01 14:29
3304poezioImplement bracketed paste mode, instead of the timer hackAssigned2017-03-31 11:42
3303poezioDisplay all currently open MUCs in /bookmarksNew2017-10-08 19:52
3302poezioBlocked self-message makes poezio respond with error.Confirmed2017-10-07 00:28
3298prosodyx9z6fsvuNew2017-03-16 09:41
3295poezioGPG plugin errorConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3292poezioWrite a plugin to automatically replace xmpp: URIs with XHTML-IM links containing just the JID as textNew2017-10-08 21:10
3289poezioReduce the amount of join/parts displayed in a MUCNew2017-10-08 21:10
3288poezioShow MUC name instead of JID in 'left pane'Confirmed2018-03-31 23:50
3287poezioDon't jump to random tab when closing the current tabConfirmed2017-08-18 09:25
3285litesqlThe cmake file shouldn’t manually set rpathNew2017-01-26 02:17
3284litesql/usr/include/litesql/ui/ is empty but still installedNew2017-01-26 01:52
3283litesql/usr/model.cmake/ shouldn’t be createdNew2017-01-26 01:51
3282litesqlBuild a proper soname and symlinksNew2017-01-26 01:50
3280poezioOMEMO support / XEP-384Confirmed2017-03-29 10:04
3279poezioalt+lNew2017-01-17 20:40
3278poezioImprove plugin command to list available pluginsNew2017-01-04 11:24
3276poezioImprove /affiliation operationConfirmed2017-10-09 01:02
3275poezioThere should be an /unban shortcut to revert /banConfirmed2017-10-16 09:23
3272poezioImplement Easy XMPP OnboardingConfirmed2017-10-09 01:04
3269poeziocustom subscription request messageNew2017-10-10 20:05
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