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3115poezio/color <someone> unset doesn’t recolor them everywhereConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3167slixmppComponentXMPP auto-handlersNew2016-02-02 12:12
3379poezioConditionally de-highlight MUC tabsNew2018-03-09 14:13
2411biboumiConfigure the encodings per-channelNew2015-09-23 19:35
2401biboumiConvert XHTML-IM into irc colorsAssigned2015-11-30 19:17
3342poezio/correct does not work on messages sent via /code pluginConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3059poezioCorrectly interpret <not-acceptable/> on MUC messagesConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3211poezioCreate a headline tabNew2016-08-01 18:44
2274prosodyCreate mod_muc_admin_adhocNew2013-03-27 16:00
3428slixmppCustom port broken (XMLStream DNS returns Incorrect Port)New2018-10-03 19:53
3269poeziocustom subscription request messageNew2017-10-10 20:05
3431slixmppday is out of range for monthNew2018-12-03 20:49
3310prosodydczgwy1dNew2017-04-13 09:49
3259poeziodefault identity is set to 'bot'Confirmed2017-10-08 20:35
3378poezioDe-highlight roster tab when all pending subscriptions were processed on a different clientNew2018-03-09 13:57
3363poezioDifferent roster colors for pending/no subscription elementsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3430slixmppdisconnect() has no effectNew2018-10-22 18:58
3303poezioDisplay all currently open MUCs in /bookmarksNew2017-10-08 19:52
2549poezioDisplay online/offline for a specific resourceNew2016-08-20 13:46
3127poezioDisplay placeholders for extended UTF-8 / EmojiNew2016-08-20 13:46
3373poezioDisplay roster pushesNew2018-02-11 17:03
3033vaporoDisplay the game each contact is playing using XEP 0196New2015-03-04 06:24
3168slixmppdocs: note which methods are chainableNew2016-02-02 12:20
3235poezio[Documentation]New2016-09-22 15:27
3215poezioDo not send whitespace pings if we already send XEP-0199 pingsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3398poezioDo not show a MUC active if the only new messages are from myself (because of MSN)New2018-05-23 10:35
3094poezioDon’t autocomplete nicks after a command taking no argumentConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3129poezioDon’t do the initial disco to the server twiceConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3368poezioDon't fill the screen with stacktraces when disk is fullConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3287poezioDon't jump to random tab when closing the current tabConfirmed2017-08-18 09:25
3055poezioDon’t merge two quick keypressed after a M-jNew2017-10-14 22:16
3260poezioDon’t open a chat tab when we receive a 0070 requestConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3383poezioDon’t reply with an error to an iq result which tracebacksNew2018-03-31 22:55
3355poezioDon’t send an unavailable presence before a joinConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3209poezioDon’t wipe out our activity/mood/etc. if there is another resource connectedConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3367poezioDon't wipe roster on disconnect when using SM and resumingConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
1844poezioEasier roster manipulationConfirmed2015-07-31 18:54
2051poezioExpose changing the nick color to pluginsConfirmed2013-01-03 10:32
3309poezioFeature request: Warn before sending message to DND contactNew2017-04-09 21:25
2237RuĝamiaFetch git commits on demandNew2013-03-07 14:50
2325poezioFile transferNew2013-06-21 12:51
3142poezioFix MUC messages with a <delay> element behaviorConfirmed2017-10-23 15:18
3399poezioFix OTRNew2018-07-03 11:03
3024slixmppFix the documentationNew2016-09-30 21:27
2390poezioGarbage collector pluginConfirmed2015-07-31 18:54
2092poezio[GPG] Add an option to insecurely ask for the passphraseNew2012-12-27 06:09
2562poeziogpg interaction with simple-notifyConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3295poezioGPG plugin errorConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3389poezioGroupchat reply UI ideaNew2018-04-10 00:24
3433slixmppGSSAPI Handling is brokenNew2018-12-27 16:53
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