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3268slixmppslixmpp.ClientXMPP.connect() does not return any statusNew2016-11-30 13:13
3267slixmppXEP0009: argument "threaded" is passed into methods which does not expect itNew2016-11-30 12:51
3265slixmppRoster tests failNew2016-11-29 16:57
3264poezio/reconnect doesn’t close the previous connexion before creating a new oneConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3262poezioRegularly check is a chatroom is available after DNS resolution failed errorConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3261poezioImprove /w’s performancesNew2017-10-14 22:10
3260poezioDon’t open a chat tab when we receive a 0070 requestConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3259poeziodefault identity is set to 'bot'Confirmed2017-10-08 20:35
3258poezioHighlight on headline messageNew2017-10-08 20:31
3248poeziopoezio_gpg_export fails with current version of GnuPG 2Confirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3247poezioautomatic reconnect brokenConfirmed2017-10-07 00:07
3246slixmppSlixmpp crashing on malformed xmlNew2016-10-26 20:42
3244poezioReport IPv6 failures properlyConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3241poezioShow entity identities (XEP-0030)New2017-10-08 21:12
3240poezioWhen we can see real JIDs (like in non-anonymous MUCs), /info should list all resources of a user when they are using a multi-session nickNew2017-10-09 01:03
3238poezioMake </span> keep the cyan color in /me messages containing XHTML-IMConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3237biboumiAdd an (optional) expiration time for history messagesNew2016-09-28 16:22
3235poezio[Documentation]New2016-09-22 15:27
3233biboumiHistory management ignores the fixed_irc_server optionNew2016-09-20 04:14
3232poezioSend XEP-0333’s <displayed/> when a message has been displayed in the viewConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3228poezioMake an invite create a ConfirmTab instead of an InfoWin messageConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3225poezioMake dataforms of type result non-modifiableConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3224poezioHandle multiple fixed fields in a dataformConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3218biboumiAdd support for the MIX protocol (XEP-0369)New2016-08-13 01:42
3215poezioDo not send whitespace pings if we already send XEP-0199 pingsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3214poezioRun a global /recolor on /theme when the list of colors has changedNew2017-10-14 22:14
3212poezioOn error during /ping, /version or similar, display the actual error in the info logConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3211poezioCreate a headline tabNew2016-08-01 18:44
3209poezioDon’t wipe out our activity/mood/etc. if there is another resource connectedConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3208poezioSending a presence probe to someone when we’re not in their roster triggers a wrong messageConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3202litesqlReadme is outdatedNew2016-06-15 18:32
3201biboumiAdd the possibility to have multiple adminsNew2016-06-12 18:33
3196poezioRecursive discovery with /listNew2016-08-20 13:46
3195poezioSupport the lang configuration option per-JIDNew2016-08-20 13:46
3180biboumiBotan invalid UTF-8 exception with 1.11.29New2016-03-26 01:00
3171biboumiHave a way to retrieve the connection information to a serverNew2016-02-17 16:53
3170slixmppUse defusedxmlNew2016-02-05 03:59
3168slixmppdocs: note which methods are chainableNew2016-02-02 12:20
3167slixmppComponentXMPP auto-handlersNew2016-02-02 12:12
3163poezioInvestigate whether stanzas can appear out-of-order in the /xml_tabConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3161slixmppAdd HTTP Proxy supportNew2016-01-21 13:00
3160poezioAn available presence sent by a component when we have a chat tab open with them gets displayed twiceConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3159biboumiPersistent ConnectionsNew2016-01-15 04:52
3158plzimgPR: handle /s and /o inlineNew2016-01-15 03:24
3155biboumiMUC-less login and IRC users on my rosterNew2016-01-15 01:45
3154biboumiProxy passwordsNew2016-01-20 11:37
3146poezioAdd an optional new JID and reason to /destroy_roomNew2016-08-20 13:46
3144biboumiAdd a require_tls option for the IRC connectionNew2015-12-11 16:01
3142poezioFix MUC messages with a <delay> element behaviorConfirmed2017-10-23 15:18
3140poezioNotify the user when a message (to a contact supporting xep 0184) has not been delivered after X secondsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
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