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3237biboumiAdd an (optional) expiration time for history messagesNew2016-09-28 16:22
3233biboumiHistory management ignores the fixed_irc_server optionNew2016-09-20 04:14
3218biboumiAdd support for the MIX protocol (XEP-0369)New2016-08-13 01:42
3201biboumiAdd the possibility to have multiple adminsNew2016-06-12 18:33
3180biboumiBotan invalid UTF-8 exception with 1.11.29New2016-03-26 01:00
3171biboumiHave a way to retrieve the connection information to a serverNew2016-02-17 16:53
3159biboumiPersistent ConnectionsNew2016-01-15 04:52
3155biboumiMUC-less login and IRC users on my rosterNew2016-01-15 01:45
3154biboumiProxy passwordsNew2016-01-20 11:37
3144biboumiAdd a require_tls option for the IRC connectionNew2015-12-11 16:01
3138biboumii18n supportNew2015-10-16 05:55
3124biboumiRecord logs and expose them through MAMNew2015-09-20 21:37
3116biboumiServer forced JOINs cause problemsConfirmed2016-06-13 20:50
3103biboumiIRCv3.1 base compatibilityAssigned2016-06-13 20:50
3071biboumiAdd an option to restrict biboumi to a single JID (or list of)New2015-06-03 19:14
3070biboumiAdd a test for the botan crash from ArchLinuxNew2015-06-03 18:42
3054biboumiUse ICU to deal with encoding and other utf-8-related thingsNew2015-05-05 03:48
3026biboumiAdd a configure add-hoc command on biboumi's JIDNew2015-02-24 16:30
3025biboumiTry every address returned by the DNS resolverNew2015-02-22 17:41
2956biboumi/parting from all channels of an IRC server sometimes doesn't disconnect us from itNew2015-02-02 03:08
2948biboumiImplement Result Set ManagementConfirmed2016-06-14 00:12
2886biboumiSend a presence error from the room, when receiving IRC commands 467 to 475New2015-01-14 01:51
2883biboumiHandle command 333: informations about the topic (who set it, and when)New2015-01-13 04:42
2774biboumiSupport WALLOPS commandNew2014-11-19 07:49
2758biboumiSupport IRC invitationsNew2014-11-09 19:45
2700biboumibufferise the logs, and only write to the output when it is writableNew2014-10-16 18:41
2697biboumiTopic changes should include the author of the change if availableNew2014-10-15 18:46
2556biboumisupport multiple sessions behind the same in-room userNew2016-06-14 00:13
2411biboumiConfigure the encodings per-channelNew2015-09-23 19:35
2401biboumiConvert XHTML-IM into irc colorsAssigned2015-11-30 19:17
3285litesqlThe cmake file shouldn’t manually set rpathNew2017-01-26 02:17
3284litesql/usr/include/litesql/ui/ is empty but still installedNew2017-01-26 01:52
3283litesql/usr/model.cmake/ shouldn’t be createdNew2017-01-26 01:51
3282litesqlBuild a proper soname and symlinksNew2017-01-26 01:50
3202litesqlReadme is outdatedNew2016-06-15 18:32
3158plzimgPR: handle /s and /o inlineNew2016-01-15 03:24
2693plzimgUse PulploadNew2014-10-08 15:16
3426poezio'/set password' shows plaintext result in the info tabNew2018-08-19 21:24
3425poezioJoining a room with a domain-only JID leads to an empty default name for itNew2018-08-18 20:57
3423poeziopoezio doesn't show any information when kicked from a roomNew2018-08-09 18:15
3421poezioImplement virtual filtersNew2018-08-08 16:46
3420poezioTraceback: After last updateNew2018-08-06 10:09
3417poeziopoezio wont connect to server without aiohttpNew2018-07-20 16:06
3414poezioRunning an /info in a MUC-PM tab should show the info in that tabNew2018-07-09 15:36
3413poezioUse KEY_BTAB (S-Tab) to go back to the previous completionNew2018-07-08 12:19
3412poezio/server_cycle matches domain suffixesNew2018-07-06 21:29
3411poezionewline not considered as a word separator in input boxNew2018-07-05 16:51
3409poezioView ssl certificat in poezioNew2018-07-02 12:26
3406poezioImplement a command for a light-weight 0198 /reconnectNew2018-06-26 18:01
3403poezioShow the presence of highlighted tab outside of the screenNew2018-06-08 18:10
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