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# Project Subject Status Updated
3408slixmpp0mq usage exampleNew2018-06-29 07:18
3026biboumiAdd a configure add-hoc command on biboumi's JIDNew2015-02-24 16:30
2843RuĝamiaAdd !addf command to add feature requestsNew2014-12-09 16:55
3058poezioAdd a keybind to go to the next messageNew2015-07-28 21:49
3237biboumiAdd an (optional) expiration time for history messagesNew2016-09-28 16:22
3146poezioAdd an optional new JID and reason to /destroy_roomNew2016-08-20 13:46
3071biboumiAdd an option to restrict biboumi to a single JID (or list of)New2015-06-03 19:14
3144biboumiAdd a require_tls option for the IRC connectionNew2015-12-11 16:01
2290RuĝamiaAdd a !send_diff <revision> command to botNew2013-05-06 20:32
3070biboumiAdd a test for the botan crash from ArchLinuxNew2015-06-03 18:42
1993poezioAdd Avahi supportNew2013-10-13 19:48
2887poezioAdd a visual indication we sent an Attention in a messageNew2015-07-28 21:49
2083poezioAdd a way to get the prefered language of an entityConfirmed2012-12-27 06:09
2480poezioAdd a way to "group" information messagesConfirmed2015-07-31 18:54
2280poezioAdd a way to list and manage affiliations in a MUCNew2015-07-31 18:54
3401poezioAdd a way to make a 1:1 chat become a group chatNew2018-06-26 20:16
2478poezioAdd e2e encryption logic inside poezioAssigned2014-03-07 23:06
2273prosodyAdd features in mod_admin_adhocNew2013-03-27 15:42
3161slixmppAdd HTTP Proxy supportNew2016-01-21 13:00
3391poezioAdd redirectJID parameter to destroy_room commandNew2018-05-01 00:18
3218biboumiAdd support for the MIX protocol (XEP-0369)New2016-08-13 01:42
3201biboumiAdd the possibility to have multiple adminsNew2016-06-12 18:33
3040poezioAfter completion, color the input with the one of the completed nickNew2015-07-28 21:49
3395poezioAllow /add command outside InfoTabNew2018-05-10 22:11
3118poezioAllow autocompletion after quotes and apostrophesNew2017-10-10 20:05
3370poezioAllow <jid> parameter to /add everywhereConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3337poezioAllow to continue Tab completion after other input activityConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3402poezioAllow xmpp: prefix in front of a jid and treat it like a jidNew2018-06-07 22:24
3356poezioAlso request avatars for people in MUCsConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
3279poezioalt+lNew2017-01-17 20:40
3160poezioAn available presence sent by a component when we have a chat tab open with them gets displayed twiceConfirmed2018-02-02 13:38
2270prosodyAnti-flood moduleNew2013-03-23 12:54
3053poezioArchive browserConfirmed2015-05-04 15:48
1769poezioAsk an user for the rooms he is inConfirmed2013-01-03 10:31
1746poezioAspell supportConfirmed2013-01-03 09:59
3305poezioAudio/Video supportNew2017-04-01 14:29
3358poezioautocomplete /unblockConfirmed2018-02-02 14:13
2583poezioAutomatically change the color of users who didn't talk for a certain amount of time, to avoid color conflictsNew2015-07-28 21:45
3247poezioautomatic reconnect brokenConfirmed2017-10-07 00:07
3302poezioBlocked self-message makes poezio respond with error.Confirmed2017-10-07 00:28
3346poezio/block from message tabsConfirmed2017-11-13 20:35
3180biboumiBotan invalid UTF-8 exception with 1.11.29New2016-03-26 01:00
2700biboumibufferise the logs, and only write to the output when it is writableNew2014-10-16 18:41
3282litesqlBuild a proper soname and symlinksNew2017-01-26 01:50
3387poeziocaps cache crashing and sending errors after disk fullNew2018-04-09 12:32
3396poezioCatch CorrectionError("Delayed message")New2018-05-11 02:39
3371poezioCertificate dialog doesn’t fit in a 80×25 terminalConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
3372poezioCertificate dialog prevents terminal resizeConfirmed2018-02-02 13:31
2860poeziochange timestamp formatConfirmed2015-06-21 16:33
1995poezioChatstates sending should be more customizableConfirmed2014-12-18 18:10
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