Release of the 0.6.2 version

Added by louiz almost 9 years ago

I'm proud to announce the release of the new version of poezio: 0.6.2
This was intended to be a little bugfix release, but in fact, thanks to many persons interested in this project, I had many ideas of new features to add.
So, here you have a new version, with many bugfix and some nice new features.

See the changelog:

- Lines are now broken between words and not in the middle of them
- /unquery command
- default nickname is now $USER
- Server on /join command can be omitted
- /query command can now take a message in parameters
- logs are now save in $XDG_DATA_HOME and this can be configured
- Available users now have a greater priority on nickname completion
- utf-8 characters (from the keyboard) are now completely supported
- Many new keyboard shortcuts (move the cursor, edit the line, switch tabs...)
- DESTDIR support in Makefile is fixed
- Completion on recently said words
- /join command now takes the current server if not specified in the parameters
- Many bugfixes
It may still contain some bugs, and you're invited to report them, along with your feature requests, if you have some.

For the future releases, here is an annoucement:
Poezio will not be MUC only. That was its first goal (to join rooms easily, with no registration needed, like IRC clients) but many people want poezio to be more than that. They want it to be a real and complete Jabber client, with roster support, etc. And it will be.