Poezio 0.7 released!

Added by louiz over 8 years ago

I’m proud to announce the release of the new major version of poezio, the console XMPP client.<br />
The release number is 0.7 and its codename is “Mathieui & Koshie”, to thank these two people for their donation.

Changes, from a technical point of view: Poezio now uses the SleekXMPP library and runs only with python 3.0 or higher.

This version introduces a lot of new features, the biggest one being the support of the roster and one to one conversations. Even though poezio's main feature is the support of MultiUserChats, a few asked me to also support the roster.

The roster is currently pretty simple, and you can just browse it, search it, accept/deny/add/remove contacts from it, for now.
An information window (like mcabber's) displaying various events (contact's joins/leaves, help messages, etc) has also been introduced. You can chose its size using the F7 and F8 keys to decrease or increase it.
A command (/list) lets you browse the list of rooms in a specific MUC server.

A theme system has also been added. By simply changing numbers in a file, you can change the color of almost every element of the interface. Do not hesitate to make your own theme an contribute it (on the <a href=''>wiki</a> for example).

The release has a lot of other new features and bug fixes as well (no less than 77 bug reports or feature requests have been closed), amongst them:
- /recolor command, changes the color of the nicks in the current room
- /cycle command, leave and rejoin a room immediately
- The input has been greatly improved (especially the history and completions)
- Huge performance improvements

For a (maybe) more detailed changelog, see the file included with the sources (

For the future

In next releases, the XEP-0045 (MUC) will be implemented as completely as possible, using data-forms (XEP-0004) and some others, for example.
Next, we will introduce a plugin system.

I hope you’ll enjoy this release :)