Poezio 0.7.1 released

Added by louiz about 8 years ago

I’m glad to present to you the new poezio release numbered 0.7.1

This is a minor release, with only some bug fixes and a few new little features.

The (very short) changelog is as follow:

  • A /status command that lets you globally change your status
  • The /win command can now takes a tab's name as parameter. Like "/win slee" will jump to the tab if there’s one.
  • Ban message are now properly displayed in the MUCs tabs.
  • You can now join a room whose JID as no node part. For example /join will join the room “” (yep, that’s odd, but that works… (if the server allows it. Prosody does))
  • Various bugfixes.

You should also note that the support for data-forms and room configuration has been coded. It is not included in this release because of some conflict between the current code of SleekXMPP and my implementation. But, anyway, that’s already one (big) step done for the next version: 0.7.5, with a 100% support for the XEP 0045.

As usual, download this version from the forge ( or the the website (