Poezio 0.7.2 released

Added by mathieui over 7 years ago

I’m happy to present you the release of Poezio 0.7.2.

This is a big release, despite the version number.

New features include:

  • Chat states support
  • 256 colors mode (though there is 16-color compatibility for old terminals)
  • Basic XHTML-IM support (input and display)
  • Massive speedup of the resize (now a dedicated C module)
  • Dataform handling (e.g. room configuration)
  • New documentation on
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Lots of bugfixes

Other (minor) features:

  • A new /server_cycle command
  • A new /version command
  • The information buffer can “pop” on specific message types
  • Multiline works better
  • /list is more usable