poezio: Poezio 0.8.1

Added by mathieui about 5 years ago

This is only a release to fix the compatibility with Python 3.4 and build options for the C module.

Poezio is also now available on Pypi

poezio: Poezio 0.7.5 released

Added by mathieui about 7 years ago

I am proud to present you the 0.7.5 release of poezio.

This release is a major release:


This release introduces plugin support, with a documented API. This will allow people to add some non-essential features to poezio without having to put them in the upstream source.

Contact Management

Everything concerning contact handling has been rewritten, and should work properly.


Poezio now support server-side bookmarks, with either PEP or private XML storage.


You can now choose between two ways of displaying the open tabs: horizontal list or vertical list.

For a more detailed changelog, you can see my blog post (, or the changelog (

poezio: Poezio 0.7.2 released

Added by mathieui over 7 years ago

I’m happy to present you the release of Poezio 0.7.2.

This is a big release, despite the version number.

New features include:

  • Chat states support
  • 256 colors mode (though there is 16-color compatibility for old terminals)
  • Basic XHTML-IM support (input and display)
  • Massive speedup of the resize (now a dedicated C module)
  • Dataform handling (e.g. room configuration)
  • New documentation on
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Lots of bugfixes

Other (minor) features:

  • A new /server_cycle command
  • A new /version command
  • The information buffer can “pop” on specific message types
  • Multiline works better
  • /list is more usable

poezio: Poezio 0.7.1 released

Added by louiz over 8 years ago

I’m glad to present to you the new poezio release numbered 0.7.1

This is a minor release, with only some bug fixes and a few new little features.

The (very short) changelog is as follow:

  • A /status command that lets you globally change your status
  • The /win command can now takes a tab's name as parameter. Like "/win slee" will jump to the tab if there’s one.
  • Ban message are now properly displayed in the MUCs tabs.
  • You can now join a room whose JID as no node part. For example /join will join the room “” (yep, that’s odd, but that works… (if the server allows it. Prosody does))
  • Various bugfixes.

You should also note that the support for data-forms and room configuration has been coded. It is not included in this release because of some conflict between the current code of SleekXMPP and my implementation. But, anyway, that’s already one (big) step done for the next version: 0.7.5, with a 100% support for the XEP 0045.

As usual, download this version from the forge ( or the the website (

poezio: Poezio 0.7 released!

Added by louiz over 8 years ago

I’m proud to announce the release of the new major version of poezio, the console XMPP client.<br />
The release number is 0.7 and its codename is “Mathieui & Koshie”, to thank these two people for their donation.

Changes, from a technical point of view: Poezio now uses the SleekXMPP library and runs only with python 3.0 or higher.

This version introduces a lot of new features, the biggest one being the support of the roster and one to one conversations. Even though poezio's main feature is the support of MultiUserChats, a few asked me to also support the roster.

The roster is currently pretty simple, and you can just browse it, search it, accept/deny/add/remove contacts from it, for now.
An information window (like mcabber's) displaying various events (contact's joins/leaves, help messages, etc) has also been introduced. You can chose its size using the F7 and F8 keys to decrease or increase it.
A command (/list) lets you browse the list of rooms in a specific MUC server.

A theme system has also been added. By simply changing numbers in a file, you can change the color of almost every element of the interface. Do not hesitate to make your own theme an contribute it (on the <a href=''>wiki</a> for example).

The release has a lot of other new features and bug fixes as well (no less than 77 bug reports or feature requests have been closed), amongst them:
- /recolor command, changes the color of the nicks in the current room
- /cycle command, leave and rejoin a room immediately
- The input has been greatly improved (especially the history and completions)
- Huge performance improvements

For a (maybe) more detailed changelog, see the file included with the sources (

For the future

In next releases, the XEP-0045 (MUC) will be implemented as completely as possible, using data-forms (XEP-0004) and some others, for example.
Next, we will introduce a plugin system.

I hope you’ll enjoy this release :)

poezio: Release of the 0.6.2 version

Added by louiz almost 9 years ago

I'm proud to announce the release of the new version of poezio: 0.6.2
This was intended to be a little bugfix release, but in fact, thanks to many persons interested in this project, I had many ideas of new features to add.
So, here you have a new version, with many bugfix and some nice new features.

See the changelog:

- Lines are now broken between words and not in the middle of them
- /unquery command
- default nickname is now $USER
- Server on /join command can be omitted
- /query command can now take a message in parameters
- logs are now save in $XDG_DATA_HOME and this can be configured
- Available users now have a greater priority on nickname completion
- utf-8 characters (from the keyboard) are now completely supported
- Many new keyboard shortcuts (move the cursor, edit the line, switch tabs...)
- DESTDIR support in Makefile is fixed
- Completion on recently said words
- /join command now takes the current server if not specified in the parameters
- Many bugfixes
It may still contain some bugs, and you're invited to report them, along with your feature requests, if you have some.

For the future releases, here is an annoucement:
Poezio will not be MUC only. That was its first goal (to join rooms easily, with no registration needed, like IRC clients) but many people want poezio to be more than that. They want it to be a real and complete Jabber client, with roster support, etc. And it will be.


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