• Batajelo

    Free and Open Source online Real-time Strategy game.

    Developed in portable C++11 for GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows and MacOs.

    XMPP chatroom: batajelo@muc.poe.zio

    Public git repository: git://

  • blog

    My personal web blog.

    It uses liquid luck ( and is automatically deployed on a git push.

  • litesql

    A personal, non-official “fork” of litesql.

    Upstream seems dead for ~2 years now. The goal of this repository is to fix some issues that I encountered (and maybe some other bugs or implement new features that would be needed in batajelo, later), and try to maintain it in a usable and distributable way, for c++11....

  • louloulibs

    Some little static libs that are used by more than one of my projects.

    Projects currently using louloulibs:
    - biboumi
    - vaporo

  • plzimg

    A simple web application to upload and view images, in python3, using the Flask framework.

    Does not, and probably won’t ever, provide user login, search, tags, etc.

    When an image is uploaded, it creates two thumbnails, a small one and a medium one.

  • poezio

    Poezio is an instant messenger client, for the XMPP (jabber) protocol only.

    Its main goal was to handle only MUC (MultiUserChat) conversations, and anonymous authentication. This way, it can be used just like a classic IRC client (no registration needed, just run the software and join the rooms you want). The point is to get a console client, with the geekness and the (relative) “anonymity” of IRC clients like irssi or weechat, for people used to these clients and repulsed by the too high number of graphical Jabber clients....

  • poezio website

    Just the static website for

  • prosody

    Unofficial clone, where I add some features and try to make them merged into the official repository:

  • Ruĝamia

    Ruĝamia is a suite of tools that lets a redmine instance and one or more MUC (XMPP chatrooms) communicate.
    It features:

    - Realtime chatroom notifications when a change occurs in the bugtracker or when a commit is pushed on a git repository

    - Request of information about issues present in the bug tracker by sending messages in the chatroom...

  • slixmpp

    Slixmpp is a python 3 XMPP library.
    It is a (friendly) fork of SleekXMPP (, and its goal is to “improve” the core of the library (the way it reads or writes on the sockets, the way it handles timed events, the way it queues events, etc) by entirely removing all threads from the library and using an event-based approach instead....

  • vaporo

    XMPP <-> steam gateway

  • Vie de louiz

    Comme j’aime bien fermer les tickets dans les bugs trackers, et ben j’en crée un pour y foutre des tâches que je dois faire, comme ça ça me motive à les faire et après je suis content quand je les ferme.

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