Slixmpp is a python 3 XMPP library.
It is a (friendly) fork of SleekXMPP (, and its goal is to “improve” the core of the library (the way it reads or writes on the sockets, the way it handles timed events, the way it queues events, etc) by entirely removing all threads from the library and using an event-based approach instead.

The API for the user of the library is almost identical, except for things that are removed because they can’t be implemented without threads.

The features of this library:
- No threads. See All parts of the API relying on threads are removed.
- No support for python < 3.4. This allows us to remove a lot of workaround and other hacks.
- No backward compatibility with old SleekXMPP version. For example things like “addHandler = add_handler” are removed.

You should use this library only if you would prefer not to use threads in your application. If threads don’t really bother you, or if you need a python 2 support, then you should use SleekXMPP instead.

Slixmpp will continue to merge future upstream improvements, since only the core of the library is changed while everything else stays almost identical.

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