• poezio (Développeur , 2013-03-07)
  • slixmpp (Manager , 2015-04-15)



05:03 poezio Feature request #3288: Show MUC name instead of JID in 'left pane'
The bookmark name is now used instead of the localpart when show_muc_jid is False. Also, it is now False by default.
04:51 poezio Bug #3357 (New): Add a cache for 115 caps
It needs to be per-contact because of poisoning concerns, but it will help with startup time for people with big rost...
04:28 poezio Revision 1edabb0c (poezio): Remove bogus checks for resource features.
04:07 poezio Revision 068aa591 (poezio): config: Switch the default for show_muc_jid from True to False.
04:06 poezio Revision e629cb5f (poezio): bookmarks: Set the bookmark name to the localpart.
04:06 poezio Revision b355098b (poezio): muctab: Display the bookmark name when available, instead of the localpart.
03:29 poezio Feature request #3347 (Resolved): include MUCs in /presence autocompletion
Fixed in 3bc33935d2af09f25b749068ee8a40f18c0b001d.
03:28 poezio Feature request #3349 (Resolved): /tell should trigger when someone switches to that nick
Fixed in d3023b438fc0811f777ed93219bdef662ba133bf.
03:27 poezio Feature request #3328 (Resolved): Remove resource-locking and feature-crippling
Fixed in d9129c9ced02cc9cadfc41ac283c627a3127dcc1 and following.


21:11 poezio Revision eae26926 (poezio): Update the documentation to reflect the removal of features.

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