• poezio (Développeur , 2013-03-07)
  • slixmpp (Manager , 2015-04-15)


Reported issues: 317


18:59 slixmpp Bug #3164 (Resolved): DNS -> port = 0
Fixed in c33749e57adb5cffdb5cc056cbc1f214191923bf, thanks Tom!
18:55 slixmpp Bug #3253 (Resolved): Don’t build Cython if we can’t find stringprep.h
Fixed in 3c7236fe73d5fc966a6493f560634c71480aab20.
18:54 slixmpp Bug #3255 (Resolved): Check if Python.h is available and print an early error if not
Fixed in 829c8b27b6e97a1ad1006bb7ec1720cbc47fccf3.


00:19 poezio Bug #3212: On error during /ping, /version or similar, display the actual error in the info log
Done for ping, see #3319.
00:10 poezio Bug #3313 (Resolved): Support /add in Normal Conversation tab
Applied in changeset commit:poezio|83e28a2be874ac024ad68b767744ae73af229195.
00:09 poezio Revision 83e28a2b (poezio): Add /add in conversation tabs.
This is a quick shortcut to add someone to your roster when talking
with them.
Fixes #3313.
Also fixes typos.
00:03 poezio Bug #3291 (Closed): Group folding doesn't work with 0.11 on OSX
23:47 poezio Bug #3312 (Resolved): Don’t try to save data: images in a subdirectory without creating it first
Applied in changeset commit:poezio|c66c5a6e27782023dac7ccff71038e880be0ad1c.
23:47 poezio Revision c66c5a6e (poezio): Replace '/' with '-' in base64 hashes before saving an image.
Fixes #3312.
23:44 poezio Bug #3296 (Resolved): /close should send a <gone/> chatstate in private tabs
Applied in changeset commit:poezio|2419e821438e65b27c47761c581f93a6ddb03a5c.

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