• poezio (Développeur , 2013-03-07)
  • slixmpp (Manager , 2015-04-15)


Reported issues: 319


01:05 poezio Bug #3186 (Resolved): Investigate why /xhtml sends an empty Last Message Correction
Applied in changeset commit:poezio|12136b48a53040fc2fb2cad7bb6c8b2aaee57d25.
01:04 poezio Revision 12136b48 (poezio): handlers: Stop appending <replace/> elements on incoming messages.
Fixes #3186.
00:25 poezio Bug #3287 (Resolved): Don't jump to random tab when closing the current tab
It now always goes to the tab on the left, which is a lot more consistent. I consider this fixed.
00:21 poezio Bug #3318 (Resolved): 0319 idle tag is completely wrong
Fixed in slixmpp 8b6f5953a7da9486daca160f8b5699281a1057df.
23:46 slixmpp Revision 9a563f14: XEP-0030: Optimise add_node usage a bit.
23:20 slixmpp Revision 8b6f5953: XEP-0319: Use the correct timezone.
This fixes a specification violation, XEP-0082 says that a date MUST
have a timezone, but we were sending the *local*...
22:17 slixmpp Revision 2d2a80c7: xmlstream: Remove pygments dumping.
It’s slow and makes the debug logs difficult to parse.


00:04 poezio Revision 4aa6e8ee (poezio): Add a rstrip plugin.


19:13 slixmpp Bug #3323 (New): Answer on the correct node when receiving a caps disco#info
The content is correct, but there is no node attribute matching the one in the query.


17:07 poezio Bug #3322 (New): Send a beep when we are disconnected
It would be helpful to know we need to type /reconnect.

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