• poezio (Développeur , 2013-03-07)
  • slixmpp (Manager , 2015-04-15)


Reported issues: 309


12:27 slixmpp Revision c372bd51: xmlstream: Warn when the parser is None when data is received.


00:30 slixmpp Revision 59dad128: XEP-0300: Workaround for Python 3.5 or below.
05:02 slixmpp Revision 007c8362: XEP-0300: Add rudimentary tests.
05:02 slixmpp Revision 3721bf9f: Implement XEP-0300 (Use of Cryptographic Hash Functions in XMPP)
This is used to provide hash agility support and let other XEPs select
which hash function they support.


22:15 poezio Revision baf9c34a (poezio): Add a code plugin, for sending highlighted snippets of code.
22:14 poezio Revision dd12a8dd (poezio): Add a white plugin, black backgrounds matter!


16:36 poezio Bug #3292 (New): Write a plugin to automatically replace xmpp: URIs with XHTML-IM links containin...
It would make it a better user experience. It’s also quite trivial to know what a JID is.


02:17 litesql Bug #3285 (New): The cmake file shouldn’t manually set rpath
When we want to install the library, rpath should never be set.
01:52 litesql Bug #3284 (New): /usr/include/litesql/ui/ is empty but still installed
Unused directories should never exist.
01:51 litesql Bug #3283 (New): /usr/model.cmake/ shouldn’t be created
This is a fucked up directory, which should never exist.

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