• poezio (Développeur , 2013-03-07)
  • slixmpp (Manager , 2015-04-15)



21:37 poezio Revision a9e2a017 (poezio): Use refresh_input in core.information() to avoid traceback.
21:31 poezio Revision db17f651 (poezio): Fix typography in the default config.
16:00 poezio Revision 25898e9e (poezio): Check that avatar sha1 is consistent with the hash.
15:42 poezio Revision 4c2eee6a (poezio): Fix caching newer avatars.
15:25 poezio Bug #3373 (New): Display roster pushes
How to reproduce: /accept an incoming subscription request in another client, see that no message is displayed in the...
15:02 poezio Revision e61d5fd9 (poezio): Optimise the half-block codepath slightly.
14:51 poezio Revision 8076c1d0 (poezio): Fix blinking in ImageWin.
Also display the border according to the theme.
14:50 poezio Revision 5feb7187 (poezio): Use full-blocks by default for images.
This prevents bugs in some terminals.
13:49 poezio Bug #3372 (Confirmed): Certificate dialog prevents terminal resize
Makes it quite hard to workaround #3371.
13:48 poezio Bug #3371 (Confirmed): Certificate dialog doesn’t fit in a 80×25 terminal
It makes it quite hard to know whether we’re accepting or rejecting the new certificate.

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