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20:36 poezio Revision bc08858b (poezio): Do not end log lines with a space
… it's about time I fixed this


09:11 poezio Revision ffb8bbe6 (poezio): Remove extra colon
It creates a syntax error


20:50 poezio Bug #3317 (Rejected): Don’t update a tab that isn’t focused
The anti_otr plugin only exists on your hard drive, making this impossible to debug.


02:24 slixmpp Revision da5cb72d: Add XMPP classifier to
02:21 poezio Revision 7d00b94f (poezio): Add the XMPP classifier to


21:38 poezio Bug #3293: Provide detailed presence status in private chat status line
Isn’t the detailed status info already on the top?
21:36 poezio Feature request #3306 (Resolved): Default on your own nick color
Yes, you can change the color by changing the theme attribute COLOR_OWN_NICK.
21:32 poezio Feature request #3308 (Closed): Implement italic writing
Duplicate of #2722
21:30 poezio Bug #3307 (Resolved): Joining a non-autojoin bookmark with /join <tabcompletion> omits custom nic...
Applied in changeset commit:poezio|e0f9de6d2f863b26e831d53e39f5df0ea237a2b4.
21:29 poezio Revision e0f9de6d (poezio): Fix #3307 (add nickname to /join bookmark completion)

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